It's no secret that starting a business is an expensive endeavor. From licenses to rent, there are many obvious money sinks that need to be addressed before any business can enter operation. But what about those that are lesser known, the underestimated and oft-forgotten that can come back to bite newer business owners?

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Insurance Fees

Insurance is a necessity for stock and liability, but this also needs to be a major consideration for a far wider range of other concerns. These cover bases such as compensation insurance, cyber insurance, and the proper insurance for everything business related as utilized by your staff.

If your business operates with vehicles, for example, you'll want to consider cheap commercial vehicle insurance. Like with the other options, comparisons here can be found easily online, and given the many different forms of insurance you'll have to employ, you'll want to aim for a balance of cost and comprehensive coverage.

Online Infrastructure Costs

Setting up an online portion of your business is almost a necessity in the modern business environment. This is especially the case if you are capable of shipping goods, as a professional online ordering system will cut down on staff costs and massively increase efficiency.

The issue here is that in order to properly create an online ordering system, especially one which deals with client information like credit card numbers, high levels of security are crucial. This means that you'll have to hire IT security professionals to create these systems, while a professional web designer should also be approached for the website itself.

Credit Card Fees

Regardless of which industry you aim to target, there is a very good chance that some clients will be paying via credit card. What you might not be aware of is that credit card processing companies that you will have to utilize for payment take a small percentage fee for each transaction.

Be sure to shop around when looking for the right fit, as these fees can vary widely depending on the company, location, and bank.

Outside Professionals

Unless you intend to start a larger business, chances are that you will not be able to perform all of your work within the company. This is especially the case when it comes to finances, as accountants will be necessary, especially the longer your business operates.

Getting the right professional is again a matter of balancing cost. Cheaper professionals might save you small amounts through lower fees, but the more accomplished might save you greater money through their insight and acumen. Take into account their reviews, and don't go in without any context.

Employee Changes

Training employees is naturally going to be a primary concern when starting a business, but you need to remember that few will stick around forever. When initially training employees, you need to keep in mind what works and what doesn't and use this to formulate a plan to better teach future employees should your current ones change.

Look Ahead

It's easy to get caught up in the significant initial investment cost of starting a business, but you need to remember that this is only the first step. Consider the shape you want your business to eventually take, and through this, you might better anticipate future costs and reduce financial and mental stress going forward.