Buying a new phone can be an exciting moment, but you have to transfer your contacts and data to from old phone to new phone. Android users can get an edge over iOS users for integration with data storage services. Google can make it easy to transfer data effortlessly from old phone to new one. You can use backup options to transfer from android to iPhone. Moreover, the data transfer program like dr.fone can help you to avoid data loss.

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Identify Backup Options

For an android to the iPhone, you may not want to use backups of Google Drive. Some people prefer Gmail to back up their data. Moreover, Hotmail, iCloud or Outlook are some excellent options. Feel free to download a reliable app like dr.fone to backup or recover your data. Before switching to a new mobile, you can back up your data to a computer or the internet. In case of any problem, you can restore this backup and avoid the loss of internal file.

Android allows you to save your network preferences with the help of Google. Here are some steps to back up your settings with Google.

  • Go to "Settings - Personal - Backup and finally reset." Choose the automatic restore and backup data options.
  • Move to "Settings - Personal - Accounts & Sync - Choose a Google Account."
  • Choose all possible options in the list to ensure that available data is synced.

However, a particular procedure can be slightly different between the iPhone and Android devices. The procedure will be the same for almost all devices.

Use the Data Transfer Program

Dr.fone - switch helps you to learn how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. With this data transfer program, you can manage your contacts, photo, and files on Android. It may help you to export, import and delete files, such as doc, music, photos, music, videos, and other data. Dr. fone is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS device and Mac. Download and install this program on Mac or PC to back up your contacts, files and other files on the phone. With the features of dr.fone, you can transfer data of Android to a new phone. See these simple steps to use this program.

With the data transfer program, you can move contacts from Android to iPhone. Use of dr.fone -Switch is an easy way to import contacts from old mobile to the new one. It allows you to perform a cross-platform transfer. Easily move calendar, messages, music, videos, and photos. Here are some easy steps to understand how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone.

Download dr.fone on your PC or Mac and launch it to transfer contacts from old phone to new phone.

Tap on "Switch" feature to connect both devices to move images and contacts from Android - iPhone.

Dr.fone will recognize your devices and provide you with a list. You can use the "Flip" button to change the positions of the device.

Now, choose particular data that you want to move. Tap "Start Transfer" tag to transfer selected contacts from Android to iOS. It will start to transfer easily. You should arrange sufficient space before copying contacts from iPhone to Android. The complete procedure of data transfer is available at the official website of dr.fone.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

After purchasing a new iPhone, you have to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. With the help of dr.fone, this transfer will be easy. It can complete this transfer within a few minutes. With the use of dr.fone - Switch, you can decrease the chances of data loss.

Visit their official site to learn how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone. With dr.fone-switch, it will be easy, safe and fast to transfer photos. It is suitable for all models of iPad and iPhone. You can move photos between different operating systems and devices, such as Android and iOS.

For an iPhone to iPhone transfer, you can use iTunes services. However, iTunes is not a reliable solution. Some users prefer iCloud to store and transfer a different kind of data. Moreover, AirDrop from iPhone - iPhone is another option to transfer photos. An AirDrop is an in-built option with wireless facilities to transfer your photos from iOS to iOS. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections must be active on your new and old iPhone. All these methods may involve a risk of data loss. If you want peace of mind and satisfaction, you can try dr.fone - Switch.