About Java Programming language

Java is the world's most popular programming language. It's versatility, speed, and power made it possible to implement it in many areas. Java plays an important role in the functionality of the web, mobile, and desktop applications as well as web servers. While there are plenty individuals who know how to code in Java just by learning via online video tutorialsand take it as a hobby, there is an increasing demand for certified professionals who understand the industry requirements and regulations and can deliver quality services.

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When we talk about Java professionals, the first name that comes in mind is Oracle. This company aims to provide learning materials and certifications for everyone who wants to prove their proficiency in the IT sphere. In the case of Java, Oracle offers a line of related credentials for individuals with different levels of experience. Today, we will talk about one of such certifications and its associated exam - 1Z0-808.


OCA Java SE 8 Programmer and 1Z0-808 test

The Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification is a very popular credential amongst software developers and Java programmers in general. It is also very convenient that this certification requires you to pass only one exam, 1Z0-808. This test will assess your foundational understanding of Java, and upon successful completion, it will open more doors towards specializing and gaining more expertise in Java through other Oracle certifications.

1Z0-808 exam details

The Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer is an entry-level certification, hence you don't have to meet any prerequisites. But still, Oracle strongly recommends that you complete the Java SE 8 Fundamentals course before your exam.The first step to pass 1Z0-808 exam is to familiarize yourself with the latest exam structure and topics that you will be assessed on. Here is a brief analysis of what you should be looking forward to.


1Z0-808 is a 150-minute test consisting of 70 multiple-choice questions. It will test your knowledge on the following key topics:

● Java basics and data types

● Operators and decision constructs

● Creating and using arrays

● Using loop constructs

● Working with encapsulation and methods

● Inheritance

● Handling exceptions

● Working with selected classes from the Java API

You will receive your results via email 30 minutes after the completion of the exam. You are required to have a minimum score of 65% or above in order to pass 1Z0-808 test and qualify for certification.

Why should you attempt and pass 1Z0-808?

As I mentioned earlier, there's plenty of formal and informal opportunities out there for you to learn Java, but without the right credentials to back your education, it becomes difficult to get hired in the competitive market. Here are some of the direct benefits of acquiring the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification:

● Today, over 3 billion devices run Java, and hence there's plenty of opportunities for well-trained and certified professionals in the industry. Getting your Java programming skills approved by Oracle, the owner of Java, will definitely boost your marketability and improve your chances of getting hired.

● You will become a better programmer. It is easy enough to learn how to code, but it is more important to follow good programming habits. As a professional developer, you are expected to develop and utilize design patterns and algorithms, writeclean code, etc. You will also be required to be fluent with the tools and features available and be able to handle the testing and development process in a professional manner. These are the essential skills that the OCA Java SE 8 Programmer certification gives you recognition for.

● The OCA Java SE 8 Programmer is one of the most recognized certifications in the world, hence your credentialis going to be of very high value in the market. Your profile is going to stand out amongst others, and you will be more likely to receive promotions and higher salaries.

Steps to pass 1Z0-808 test

If you visit some online forums that talk about Java certifications, you will come across plenty of stories about individuals who work with Java on a regular basis but still failedto clear 1Z0-808 exam. Passing 1Z0-808 requires more than just the skillset and fundamental Java knowledge. The test will assess your ability to focus on the minor details, your knowledge on concepts you wouldn't use on a day to day basis, and, most importantly,your dexterity. Follow the steps below, and you should make it through with ease.

1.Pick a good book to refer to as a study material. I personally would recommend the OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-808) from Oracle Press written by Edward G. Finegan and Robert Liguori. Itincludes in-depth explanations on the exam topics and other useful information about the exam. Since this book is published by the Oracle itself, it would be more reliable for studying.

2.Practice coding every day. Experience comes in handy during the exam and can save a lot of time. So, become fluent with the language, solve different problems using code, understand what errors occur and how to resolve them. Stick to good habits!I also recommend using an IDE for programming in Java. Modern-day IDE's come with a set of features that make coding easy (snippets, auto-correction, etc.), but these are not available at the exam, so be careful not to rely on them too much.

3.Collect verified exam questions and answers from reliable platforms and use them with exam simulators. One such platform is PrepAway. This website offers some really good practice exams which are verified by experts. With PrepAway Vumingo exam simulator, you can create and play exam questions to simulate the actual test environment. Through this, you can reduce exam pressure, evaluate your readiness, and test your strategies prior to the exam.


Java has become an influential programming language across all major platforms including web, desktop, mobile, and others. Java builds bridges between the users and systems, and in order to effectively build and maintain these bridges, the industry needs certified programmers. You too can boast the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification in your portfolio if you pass your 1Z0-808 test.With the right motivation and good practices, you will be able to achieve excellence!