• Lego Worlds video game

Lego Worlds video game (Photo : TritonTV)

TT Games has announced a new game in the Lego videogame series. Minecraft-like Lego Worlds is a sandbox game in which its players use building blocks to construct "unique environments" brick-by-brick.

A release date for the full-scale launch of Lego Worlds has not been officially announced yet. However, an $18 development version is available now at Stream Early Access, according to Stuff.

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One goal of the game's early version release is to provide feedback for improvements. Another objective is to gradually add "additional content" to the game.    

In Lego Worlds gamers find themselves in procedurally generated worlds. They can build new creations brick-by-brick, or use pre-defined building sets. Players can also use powerful landscaping tools.

Video game reviewers have noted many similarities between Lego Worlds and Minecraft games. Even the prototype launch of the new Lego game resembles Minecraft's launches, according to Tech Crunch.

Real-world Lego sets will also include game codes. These codes can unlock the same set in Lego Worlds.

The early version of the brick-building game has no multiplayer option. However, the feature is in the works for future updates of Lego Worlds.

Tom Stone, TT Games' Managing Director, said that Lego Worlds uses a digital platform to recreate the "brick-building fun" that fans have loved for decades. The game's range of objects, creatures, and characters create endless possibilities.

This is the fifth Lego game that TT Games has officially announced this year. Other games such as Lego Jurassic World and Lego Marvel's Avengers will be available on PCs and gaming consoles later this year.