• There are rumblings that a sequel to Disney Animation's "Big Hero 6" is underway.

There are rumblings that a sequel to Disney Animation's "Big Hero 6" is underway. (Photo : REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI)

Disney's computer-animated films "Frozen" and "Big Hero 6" are set to hit the big screen anew. However, the release dates of the sequels of these high-grossing films, featuring new Disney characters who have charmed movie audiences across the world, are yet to be announced.

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"Frozen" was a global box-office success, grossing over $1.2 billion, prompting Disney Animation Studios to put "Frozen 2" in its slate of upcoming films, Deadline reported.

On the other hand, "Big Hero 6" is another megahit whose sequel fans are eagerly awaiting. Marvel Executive Producer Stan Lee had disclosed that a sequel to "Big Hero 6," which made a box-office haul of $190 million worldwide, is on the Marvel/Disney timeline,Toronto Sun reported. 

Fans may have to wait a while, though, before the second installment of "Big Hero 6" gets off the drawing board as there are lots of other movie projects that the film studios are working on.

Disney has been actively producing firms with characters borrowed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney opted to focus on two members of the "Big Hero 6" comic series, Hiro and Baymax, and tweaked the storyline so that it will appeal to Disney movie audiences. The result was a heart-tugging yet action-packed movie about how Hiro loses his brother, and develops a friendship with the robot that his older sibling created.

The "Big Hero 6" animators and directors Don Hall and Chris Williams went to great lengths to get the right look and movements for the robot. They decided on a large but cute character who walks like a toddler with diaper. Baymax turned out to be a unique and huggable character who captured the hearts of many movie watchers.

"Frozen," on the other hand, had the playful and endearing snowman Olaf, and the good -hearted reindeer Sven. These adorable Disney creations will wend their way to the big screen again soon, much to fans' delight.