• MailTime turns a typical email into a chat session

MailTime turns a typical email into a chat session (Photo : TechinAsia)

MailTime has a chat app interface similar to Whatsapp and WeChat. But unlike the typical email, MailTime does not have signatures and date stamps.

The idea comes with the thesis that email has not changed since it was launched decades ago. The app promises more interaction since it's an email that works like sending an SMS.

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The startup, with the same name as the app, was launched in AngelList as part of the Startup Battlefield in 2014. Today the startup has received more than $1.2 million in three funding rounds from seven investors.

MailTime comes with added features to get more done. It comes with a section for to-do's and functionality to assign tasks. It also enables users to reply to multiple participants and remove people from the conversation.

The app's latest version lets users swipe to archive, add up to 10 accounts, and connect to other mail services like Outlook, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Hotmail and QQMail.

"More than half of all emails are sent from a mobile client. Any time people reply by phone, they only type 50 words. The problem is that email clients haven't adapted to that today," said MailTime chief executive officer Heatherm Huang.

How does it work? Huang said that the messages will go directly to the mail server once the users opened the app. Users who receive the email on the other end will see a normal-looking email if they don't use MailTime.

Hopefully, this makeover stops the "Too Long, Do not Read" scenario every time people use mobile phones in reading emails.