• One of the movie posters of Shi Qing's historical drama, "Lady of the Dynasty," which is debuted on July 30.

One of the movie posters of Shi Qing's historical drama, "Lady of the Dynasty," which is debuted on July 30. (Photo : www.goldposter.com)

A sex scene was deleted from the recently released film "Lady of the Dynasty," directed by Shi Qing and starring Fan Bingbing and Leon Lai.

The sex scene shows Fan Bingbing, playing Yang Guifei, having sex with Leon Lai, playing Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, while on a moving horse.

The film is about the love affair based on history between Yang Guifei, who is considered one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history, and Emperor Xuanzong of Tang.

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There is also another controversial scene in the film that shows Leon Lai ripping off Fan Bingbing's clothes. This scene was kept in the final cut of the film.

Footage of the "sex on horse" scene was leaked after a preview of the film was shown on July 22.

On July 27, many cinemas were notified prior to the film's release that it had to be recalled due to "technical issues." It was speculated that this was to delete the controversial scene.

When the film debuted on July 30, the scene was notably cut.

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) said via a circular in Nov. 2014 that scenes depicting extramarital affairs, polyamorous relationship, one-night stands, sexual abuse, or containing pornographic content should be removed. It also specified that scenes that depict rape, extra-marital sex, necrophilia, prostitution or masturbation should also be removed.

Fan Bingbing spoke with media earlier this month and said that she believed the controversial scene would be kept in the movie. She said the scene was creative and emphasized how it was difficult to simulate sex on a horse.

This is not the first time Fan Bingbing has been associated with controversial sexual content. Earlier this year, she starred as Wu Zetian in "The Empress of China," which was edited after censors noted that Fan Bingbing's wardrobe often displayed her cleavage.