• Director Sun Hao marries one of China's richest women, Liu Chang.

Director Sun Hao marries one of China's richest women, Liu Chang. (Photo : Want China Times)

Chinese newbie film director Sun Hao has a bright path in financing future movies after he tied the knot with Liu Chang, the only daughter of the wealthiest man in Sichuan Province, Liu Yonghao.

Online pictures show the couple officiating their marriage at a civil affairs bureau in the Dongcheng District of Beijing on Sunday, Aug. 8. Sun, 32, wore a smart-casual white shirt, while Liu Chang sported a long, red dress, which clearly shows her growing tummy being six months pregnant.

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Liu Chang has been the chairperson of New Hope Liuhe, a Shenzhen-listed company that supplies animal feeds.

Hurun Report's 2012 List of Richest Chinese Under Forty included Liu Chang in the fourth rank, with assets valued at 10.9 billion yuan ($1.76 billion).

Chang's father Liu Yonghao had also been China's richest man during his time and is currently acting as the chair of New Hope Group, a giant agribusiness company in China. As of Aug. 10, Liu Yonghao and his family ranks 24th in Forbes' list of China's Richest 100, with an approximate net worth of $5.5 billion.

Liu Chang was interviewed in 2013 where she stated the characteristics of a guy that she would be interested in. The rich then-bachelorette said that she was in search of a man who is "kind-hearted", "takes life seriously" and is "knowledgeable," and added that she is fine with an "OK" physical appearance.

Sun Hao matched all the criteria and even surpassed "OK" in the looks aspect. Born in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang in northeast China in 1983, Sun obtained his degree from the Beijing Film Academy in 2001 and has been awarded many times at local film fests.

He directed "Gone with the Time," a romantic movie, in June this year.

The staff of New Hope Liuhe told reporters that they have enjoyed free private movie screenings three times this year already, with "Gone with the Time" as the most recent, thanks to the couple's treat.