• Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to counter 12-inch iPad Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to counter 12-inch iPad Pro

It is rumored that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release may happen on Oct. 4.

According to a tweet by The Verge senior editor Tom Warren, fans should not buy Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and instead wait for its powerful successor.

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It was earlier reported that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be released in July, along with Windows 10. Due to some issues, Microsoft was not able to fulfil this deadline, leaving fans waiting eagerly for the power packed device to hit the stores.

The hope of getting both Windows 10 and Surface Pro 4 was anyway a long shot. Releasing two major products together is never good for any company's revenue as it divides the attention.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be a one of its kind of a device. It will serve the purpose of both a laptop and a tablet, making it a "laplet" and this is one of the most important USP's of this device, according to BGR.

It is expected to be packed with an i5 or an i6 Core processor and a storage capacity of either 64 GB or 256 GB. As for the screen size, it is rumored to come in a 12-inch size with a screen resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels.

The device is also rumored to be properly ventilated despite being really thin, sporting a slim frame. The ventilation will make it less probable to heat up quickly, making it easier for the users to work with it for an extended periods of time.It is also rumored that Surface Pro 4 will be good for use for 17 hours at a stretch.

It is also rumored that the device will come with stylus pen. It is also expected to be equipped with an 8 mega pixel rear camera and a 3.5 mega pixel front camera.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 price is expected to be around $1700.