• Red Velvet are Sweet-Creepy Dolls in “Dumb, Dumb” MV [Watch]

Red Velvet are Sweet-Creepy Dolls in “Dumb, Dumb” MV [Watch] (Photo : YouTube/ Red Velvet)

Red Velvet members are creepy but sweet dolls in their most bizarre come back yet, "Dumb, Dumb."

Set in a doll factory, the music video shows the girls as dolls being manufactured. "Dumb, Dumb" is a song about a girl being static and looking awkward when she falls in love with someone.

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Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, Irene, and Yeri were visually stunning in the MV. The red scorpion hair styles complimented the girls' cute, balloony maiden outfits. The dance costume involving big hair and oversized shirts with matching long neon colored socks were equally fashion-forward. Finally, the girls also looked pretty in dainty doll dresses for their individual shots.

Since their last come back, the girls have shown an impressive vocal improvement. The song's challenging notes and raps were delivered smoothly.

The bizarre dancing with huge movements complemented the quirky upbeat music.

"Dumb, Dumb" is the title track of Red Velvet's first studio album "The Red." The album will contain a total of 10 tracks. Dropped on the midnight (KST) of Sept. 9, "Dumb, Dumb" is close to reaching a million views on YouTube six hours following its release.

Prior to the MV and album releases, Red Velvet had their showcase for "The Red" on Sept 8. The ladies greeted the press in pastel colored doll outfits, Kpop Map reported.

The RV comeback was revealed on Sept. 3 when the Red Velvet Official Facebook Page revealed an image of a red square captioned with #THERED. After a few hours, the name of RV's title track was dropped. A string of mind-boggling concept photos was then uploaded daily on the group's Instagram account. The most intriguing of which is the girls' legs showing out of a box.

Red Velvet debuted in August 2014 with "Happiness." The team is SM Entertainment's first girl group in five years since f(x). The group will soon have a fan club name, Critical Kpop reported.