• Another key agenda during Xi’s state visit would be law enforcement cooperation.

Another key agenda during Xi’s state visit would be law enforcement cooperation. (Photo : REUTERS)

In an attempt to curb cyber crime and other Internet attacks, China has pledged to team up with the United States to counter cyber terrorism. Still, a senior Chinese official maintains that the country will continue to defend its national interests in light of President Obama’s Thursday statement about a forceful response toward Beijing.

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The issue of cybersecurity will also be among the priority topics in President Xi Jinping's impending state visit to Washington next week.

On Sept. 16, Obama reportedly addressed issues of industrial espionage with China, saying that such an action in cyberspace can be considered an "act of aggression."

The American president also called for the creation of an international framework to protect the Internet from being weaponized.

Although the two countries currently have strained relationships with each other, it is only efficient for the two powers to join forces and fight Internet security.

"[It is] especially important for the two sides to increase mutual trust and cooperation in cyberspace," said Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang. "At the same time, the Chinese government firmly safeguards its own interests in cyberspace and is resolutely opposed to any statements or actions that harm China's interests."

Another key agenda during Xi's state visit would be law enforcement cooperation. Xi aims to ask Washington to help track down and repatriate Chinese fugitives wanted for corruption, some of which have been living in the United States.

The U.S. is open to such a deal, according to officials, as long as ample evidence was presented to allow deportation under American law.

According to Zheng, however, China has already provided enough evidence.

"The name list for recovering dirty officials and dirty assets overseas that China has provided was made after a process of strict verification," he said.