• Justin Bieber Interview with Clique

Justin Bieber Interview with Clique (Photo : Clique YouTube Channel)

In Justin Bieber's interview with Clique TV, he revealed many details about his life. From his humble beginnings to how he relates to fans and critics along with his views on various topics.

Mouloud Achour first asked Bieber about his image and how he manages the scrutiny of the public eye.

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Billboard detailed that the singer said he feels like he's walking on eggshells right now, with everyone watching his every move. He also explained that when you come out representing hope and belief, and your actions say otherwise, people would get mixed messages.

Bieber said that he just wants people to see him as an ordinary normal guy. He added that he's comfortable just chillin' and not trying too hard.

The singer also shared that he came from humble beginnings. He was only allowed to order water when they would eat out so it really means a lot that he can provide for his mom now.

They also touched on the topic of loneliness. The 21-year-old singer told Achour that people think celebrities like him don't get lonely. Bieber admitted that he knows what it means to be lonely. He said that a lot of what people see is on surface level and that the relationships they establish are not deep.

He found himself just connecting but the people around him weren't what he needed them to be. This led him to do more soul searching. Now he said that he's surrounded with good people who help form him and bring him to the best place in his life.

When asked about his favorite MCs, Bieber said that he likes Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Ma$e, and Nas.

The singer also mentioned that he had a collaboration with Kanye West with a New York vibe, Rolling Stone reported. He's still unsure if the song will make it to the album.

He also weighed in on gun laws when he was asked about the first decision he would make if he becomes a president. He said that he would fix the gun laws citing that in Canada they practically have no guns thus they don't have gun bans.

Watch the full interview below!