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Samsung (Photo : Reuters)

Samsung Galaxy S2 is expected to receive the Android Lollipop 5.1.1 update in October, on the heels of the release of Android Marshmallow. 

Samsung Galaxy S2 is reportedly plagued with a host of bugs which are affecting the functioning of the scrolls, music, touch screen, battery, and the keyboard. 

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Other issues which are being faced are present in the areas of photo editing, photo rotation, tap response delay, Google play, volume shortcuts, charging, heating up of the device, and delayed launcher. According to iUSB Preface, the Samsung Galaxy S2 users will get the update via OTA.

The update will bring many application optimization along with material design enhancing to the device. It will also fix the issue of the Stage Fright bug. In addition, new icons will be made available in the menu tray after the update.

New icons will include Google Street View as well, according to BGR. The update will also make the menu scrolling to happen in a vertical fashion instead of the conventional horizontal fashion. The users will fell the device to be working faster after the update, as all the bad sectors in the memory will be removed with this update.

The update is expected to be 640 MB in size, and take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete the process of installation. The device will be automatically rebooted after the download is complete. 

To avoid excessive data charges, connect the device to a Wi-Fi connection before beginning the installation. Either charge the device to an optimum battery, or connect it to a charger before opting for the installation to begin. It is not advised to keep Samsung Galaxy S2 connected to another device during this procedure.