• The award-winning "Three-Body Problem" is a Liu Cixin magnum opus.

The award-winning "Three-Body Problem" is a Liu Cixin magnum opus. (Photo : Wikimedia)

Liu Cixin, the writer of the critically claimed "Three-Body" trilogy of novels, has won the Best Achievement Award during the 2015 Xingyun Award for Global Chinese Science Fiction in Chengdu City on Oct. 18, 2015.

This year, Liu won the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Novel for the first book in the "Three-Body" series entitled "The Three-Body Problem," which was first published in 2007 by Chongqing Press.

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Liu is the first Asian author to win the award.

"The Three-Body Problem," which was translated into English by Chinese-American writer Ken Liu, was published by Tor Books in the United States in Nov. 2014.

A first for this year's event was a prize awarded for the best screenplay for a science fiction film. This was awarded to "Mist," which was written by Wang Kanyu and Wu Shuang, according to Dong Renwei, a science fiction writer and one of the founders of the Xingyun Award.

The Xingyun Award is the Chinese equivalent of the Nebula Award in that it recognizes the achievements of science fiction writers. In fact, the English name of the Xingyun Award is Nebula Award.

The annual award, which started in 2010, is organized by the World Chinese Science Fiction Association based in Chengdu. It is the only award for Chinese-language science fiction works and writers that recognizes achievements regardless of place of publication.

More than 40,000 readers voted for the 12 prizes given during this year's Xingyun Award. The ceremony was attended by over 1,000 science fiction writers and readers, both from China and abroad.