• Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is Set for Major Design and Feature Revamps

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is Set for Major Design and Feature Revamps (Photo : Apple)

MacBook Air and Pro 2016 release date is reportedly pushed back early next year as Apple Macs prices in key markets spiked resulting to a decrease in sales.

Herald Sun cited industry research firms saying that Apple Mac computers, including MacBooks, slowed to the lowest rate in two years. IDC reported that Mac shipments shrank 3.4 percent each year. The decline started in 2013 due to the strong dollar that makes the device a lot expensive in markets outside US.

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However, amid the plummeting of sales, Apple outperformed other PC makers, which also suffered declining sales. The PC market, in general, experienced a decrease in shipments.

In addition, consumers will not see the laptops anytime soon as the company will release the new iPad Pro in November. Apple is marketing the new iPad Pro as its most powerful tablet yet. It is also cited to cross boundaries of laptops and a direct competitor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Thus, Apple is withholding devices that may cannibalize the sales of iPad Pro like the rumored iPad Air 3 and new MacBooks.

Rumors claimed that MacBook Air and Pro 2016 release will be alongside iPad Air 3.

Some of the purported features of the MacBook Air 2016 are 13-inch and 15-inch screen displays, Intel Skylake-U chipset, OS X El Capitan, Type-C USB port, and an improved battery life. The laptops will most likely be equipped with Force Touch technology. The MacBook Air will be even thinner than last time.

Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro 2016 is also expected to pack almost the same specs and features, but with more powerful RAM.

However, Apple has not confirmed the aforementioned features and release date.