• Daryanne Lees Garcia of Cuba is Miss Grand International 2014.

Daryanne Lees Garcia of Cuba is Miss Grand International 2014. (Photo : Facebook/Miss Grand International)

Miss Grand International 2014 Daryanne Lees Garcia of Cuba crowned her successor in Bangkok, Thailand, on Oct. 25, Sunday. The winners were:

Miss Grand International 2015: Miss Grand Dominican Republic Anea Garcia

First Runner-up: Miss Grand Australia Claire Elizabeth Parker

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Second Runner-up: Miss Grand India Vartika Singh

Third Runner-up: Miss Grand Philippines Parul Shah

Fourth Runner-up: Miss Grand Thailand Rattikorn Kunsom

Prior to the Miss Grand International 2015 coronation night, 78 contestants from all over the world competed for the Best in Swimsuit show on Oct. 11, the Best National Costume competition on Oct. 17 and the preliminary competition on Oct. 23, Friday. The special award winners were: 

- Miss Popular Vote: Miss Grand Sri Lanka
- Best in Swimsuit: Miss Grand Costa Rica 
- Best Social Media: Miss Grand India
- Best in Evening Gown: Miss Grand Japan 
- Best National Costume: Miss Grand Philippines 

The following contestants made it to the top 10 but not in the top five: 

Miss Grand Sri Lanka Ornella Mariam Gunesekere

Miss Grand Brazil Paula Gomes 

Miss Grand Japan Ayaka Tanaka

Miss Grand Spain Andrea de Cozar Martin

Miss Grand Costa Rica Mariela Aparicio

The following contestants made it to the top 20 but were cut in the top 10:

Miss Grand Poland Katarzyna Krzeszowska

Miss Grand U.S.A. Lauren Peterson

Miss Grand Angola Meriam Kxuxwena

Miss Grand France Eline Lamboley

Miss Grand Ukraine Anatasiia Lenna

Miss Grand Puerto Rico Isamar Campos

Miss Grand Venezuela Reina Rojas

Miss Grand Czech Republic Tatana Makarenko

Miss Grand Netherlands Shauny Bult

Miss Grand Mexico Aracely Azar Saravia

Here are the past winners of the international beauty pageant based in Bangkok, Thailand:

Miss Grand International 2014: Miss Grand Cuba

First Runner-up: Miss Grand Ethiopia

Second Runner-up: Miss Grand Canada

Third Runner-up: Miss Grand Australia

Fourth Runner-up: Miss Grand Colombia


Miss Grand International 2013: Miss Grand Puerto Rico

First Runner-up: Miss Grand Dominican Republic

Second Runner-up: Miss Grand Slovak Republic

Third Runner-up: Miss Grand Philippines

Fourth Runner-up: Miss Grand Australia