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Hack (Photo : Reuters)

Cyber threats are probably the next big thing that hinders progressing industry in China, and in line with this, Internet firms urged Chinese businessmen to take action to the next step.

On Tuesday's Cyber Security Week opening in Beijing--the first of its kind in China--officials noted that it is best to prevent these potential threats to support the growth of Chinese businesses.

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Cyber Security Week was held to aid the public in understanding Internet security risks and how to enhance cyber-protection. The event was organized by the ministries of industry and information technology, education, and public security, together with the top state-level departments.

The ever-changing landscape of the Web in China has changed ever since it started in 1994, which also means it could possibly pose threats to national security, social stability, economy or even public interests.

Although the country has the most number of Internet users, it is way behind in Internet technology development.

According to the Cyberspace Administration of China, half of the country, which is about 632 million, are recorded Internet users as of June this year, which made Internet companies earn a market value of $300 billion.

Among the world's top 10 Internet companies are Tencent, Alibaba, Jingdong and Baidu.

Officials, however, said that China has become vulnerable to Internet hackers and cyber-terrorism for the past few years.

To further popularize tips on cybersecurity and protection, the Cyber Security event will be holding a week-long series of shows and lectures for attendees.