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‘One-Punch Man’ (Photo : Facebook/One-Punch Man)

The ninth instalment of "One-Punch Man" is set to air this week and viewers would find out about Genos' fate. "One-Punch Man" Episode 9 titled "Unyielding Justice" might see an unfortunate incident.

Warning: This article contains "One-Punch Man" spoilers for Episode 9 from the manga. Read only if you wish to know more about the instalment.

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Will Genos die in "One-Punch Man" Episode 9? Youth Health Mag shared spoilers from the manga.

"One-Punch Manga" # 25 titled "Glimmer of Hope" shows Genos fighting the Deep Sea King. Episode 8 saw Genos at the evacuation area. But, Deep Sea King is there to kill people.

Genos attacks Deep Sea King with a punch but the sea monster manages to recover and counter attacks Genos by ripping is right arm. The cyborg is injured as he is smashed by the monster.

In "One-Punch Man" Episode 9, fans will also get to see Deep Sea King's another power that is extremely dangerous.

Genos continues to challenge and annoy the Deep Sea King. However, Genos knows that he lost his arm because he let his guard down.

He instructs the people at the shelter to run away as he tries to keep the Deep Sea King busy.

Genos and Deep Sea King continue the intense battle. A little girl yells at Genos and asks him to stand tight.

Deep Sea King gets annoyed and spits on the little girl. However, his spit is acidic and before the saliva could hit the girl, Genos comes between and saves the girl. But, he is grievously injured.

"One-Punch Man" Episode 9 airs Monday, Nov. 30, 2015. Stay tuned for more spoilers.