• VTech's products are seen on display at a toy store in Hong Kong, China November 30, 2015.

VTech's products are seen on display at a toy store in Hong Kong, China November 30, 2015. (Photo : Reuters/Tyrone Siu)

Kidizoom smartwatch or even a VTech InnoTab tablet may have exposed children to identity theft. According to Hong Kong-based VTech, hackers have stolen a plethora of personal information from over 6 million children.

VTech and Kidizoom breach underscores how gadgets that are designed for kids often have weaker security than other computer devices, posing a higher risk to a flourishing theft industry. The transport of children's toys that have the ability to connect online will even grow for up to 200 percent over the next few years based on the estimate of United Kingdom-based Juniper Research.

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VTech and Kidizoom breach motive is still vague and it is also not clear whether it has already resulted to any identity theft, Trust reported. However, this serves as a big warning for people who do not fully understand the quantity of data stored in their kids' toys.

"The last thing you would ever imagine is that a toy manufacturer would lose your child's identity," Reuters quoted Symantec Corp researcher Liam O'Murchu as saying. 

When parents buy a product from VTech, be it a camera, a watch or a tablet, they are encouraged to provide their complete name, address, and birth date so they can sign up for an account and download games, books, and updates. According to VTech, the hackers have compromised its Learning Lodge app store as well as the Kid Connect mobile app service.

Bluebox and Andrew Hay, mobile security companies, said that they already uncovered several, different vulnerabilities in both iOS and Android apps that work with their device to warn owners of the negative possibilities.