• Las Vegas Casino Installs Bitcoin ATM

Las Vegas Casino Installs Bitcoin ATM (Photo : Getty Images)

Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged mysterious creator of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has been unmasked.

Nakamoto is just the pseudonym of Craig Steven Wright, a 44-year-old computer expert and businessman from Sydney, Australia. After he was identified based on "a massive trove of evidence," there was a media frenzy at the Aussie city after police raided his house, reports Mashable.

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Two tech websites, Wired and Gizmondo, says that leaked documents sent to them by sources, such as blog posts, emails and accounting statements, point to a connection between Wright and Nakamoto. He has even been suggesting to friends and associates since 2008 that he is Nakamoto.

Besides Wright, Gizmondo identifies Dave Kleiman, an American computer forensics expert, as Wright's partner in developing the digital currency. Kleiman, however, died in 2013. He was a U.S. army veteran who was wheelchair-bound because of a motorcycle accident in 1995.

Gizmondo confronted personally Wright's business partners in Sydney and interviewed Kleiman's associates in Palm Beach County, Florida. The tech website also got a confirmation on its sources who spoke on the record that on at least two instances, Wright stated he and Kleiman were involved in Bitcoin's creation.

One of the tipster told Gizmondo that he hacked Nakamoto's business account. The Aussie is believed to have used in the past the email address satoshi@vistomail.com where there was a draft of a communication to Australian Senator Arthur Sinodinos for Bitcoin regulation.

While it reports that Kleiman apparently spend his last days in decrepit living conditions, the documents that Gizmondo got indicated he held a substantial amount of Bitcoin trust that makes him a millionaire several times over.