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Taiwanese actress and top model Lin Chi-ling poked fun at herself, saying that she is unattached because of her own doing. 

The 40-year-old also claimed that she plans to change the fact that she is unattached by working less and focusing more on finding someone. 

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Lin Chi-ling is the epitome of beauty and poise, but said that she is still having a hard time looking for a partner in life. Upon hearing that most men want someone domineering and naughty, the actress and model claimed that now she knows why she is still single.

The model-actress said that she is the type of woman who would submit to her partner when she enters a relationship because she has more traditional views of women roles. She also jokingly said that she is not familiar with being naughty. 

The actress, however, claimed that kidding aside, she is still unattached because she has a small social circle and limited chances to meet people. 

While she said she is friendly and gets along well with people within her social circle, she is yet to make new friends and widen her circle to find a potential mate. 

The actress also shared that she is already eager to settle down. To do so, she plans to reduce her workload and try to mingle more.

She also said she needs to manage her social life better so that she could already put her plans to settling down into motion.