• Pope Francis

Pope Francis (Photo : Reuters)

While Pope Francis was in the Philippines for the final leg of his Asian tour, Filipino Marlene Aguilar took to Facebook to call him evil.

In the first among many posts, Aguilar wrote in her Facebook account that there are several cases charged against Pope Francis in the international tribunal court, including "child rape, child torture, child murder genocide," and "crimes against humanity."

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Referring to herself as She Dragon, Aguilar was slammed by netizens from the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, after she posted on her Facebook page articles and videos claiming that the Pope is involved in satanic rituals, such as eating human babies.

After bashed by thousands of Filipino netizens, Aguilar wrote, "I hereby challenge your Pope Francis to a sparring duel UFC style. If god is really on his side, then I shouldn't be able to bring him down on the ground in 1 round. But I promise you that I will, because the true one and only god is on my side."

Meanwhile, on the last day of Pope Francis' five-day visit in the Philippines on Jan. 18, Sunday, six million people gathered in the biggest park of Manila, Rizal Park, to attend the Pope's final mass.  

The Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said the record surpassing the one in 1995 with St. John Paul II's final mass in the same park, which was attended by five million people, CBS News reported.

Despite the heavy rain on that day, people lined Pope Francis' motorcade route, according to the Philippines' Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Francis Tolentino.