• Shanghai Disneyland is expected to open in spring of 2016.

Shanghai Disneyland is expected to open in spring of 2016. (Photo : Reuters)

An entertainment program announced on Wednesday for the upcoming Shanghai Disneyland has revealed that the theme park will feature a wide variety of favorite Disney characters from Snow White to Luke Skywalker, as reported by Xinhua.

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The site's signature Enchanted Storybook Castle will stage the stories of classic Disney princesses, according to a statement by Matt Almas, the creative executive of the company.

Visitors of all ages can also learn how to draw Marvel characters, as well as interact with the characters, both heroes and villains, of the Star Wars universe in Tomorrowland, a science fiction-themed zone.

Almas also mentioned how Chinese elements will be incorporated into the theme park.

Mickey's Storybook Express, a parade with its own musical soundtrack in the Gardens of Imagination section of the park, will have its final carriage dedicated to "Mulan," an animated Disney film that depicts a female war hero who saved ancient China from foreign invaders. Each carriage is based on a different Disney film.

Also in the Gardens of Imagination section, there will be the Garden of 12 Friends, featuring the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac represented by Disney characters, including Remy from Ratatouille as the rat and Pluto as the dog. The attraction is sponsored by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

The park's theater will stage the Lion King musical performed in Chinese.

Park visitors can also practice the traditional Chinese martial art of Tai Chi, accompanied by Donald Duck and Chip 'n Dale.

Shanghai Disneyland is divided into six sections: Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Fantasyland, Treasure Cove, Adventure Isle and Tomorrowland. Each section is complete with its own attractions, shops and restaurants.

The theme park is set to open in spring 2016.

Construction on Shanghai Disneyland Park began on April 8, 2011.

The park is owned and operated by a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and the Shanghai Shendi Group.