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October Update For Android Devices

Google can technically reset 74 percent of its android smartphones using a variety of forensic technique if the law enforcement agencies and court direct them to do so.
Android Security Breach: Google Able to Access Data If You’re Using Older Android OS Version

A recent report stated that iOS apps have greater chances of security vulnerability compared to that of Android apps.
iOS Apps vs Android Apps: iOS Apps Subject To Security Threats; Study Says Android Apps More Safer Than iOS Apps

Google has been successful in fixing 23 dangerous bugs on Android but the battle is not yet owned.
Android Update: Google’s Achievement on Fixing 23 Bugs In Android System; Stagefright Vulnerability Still Remains!

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A study was conducted on understanding the vulnerability of Android by the University of Cambridge, and results reveal that 87.7 percent of Android devices are vulnerable.
Android Vulnerabilities: Digging Into Core of Android Threats

The LTE implementation, known as Long Term Evolution or commonly known as the 4G LTE by AT&T and Verizon, is said to be vulnerable to few issues in android system.
Android Security Update: Android Security is at Stake with the Usage of LTE

Android Nexus 5
87% Of Android Devices Have Security Vulnerabilities, Lack App Patches: Study

Android by Google
StageFright Google Samsung LG Android Hack Patch

Goolge Android robot
Stagefright Security Patch Blocks Camera Access; Google Promises Nexus Update

Android by Google
Android Flaw Discovered, Text Message can Hack 95% of Phones

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