Saturday, 20th, 2019 | 6:50PM Updated

Launch of Long March-5.
China Confirms Plans to Build ‘Mega Rocket’ for Moon Landing after Long March-5 Launch

China is heightening its efforts to integrate the military and civilian industries.
China Opens Exhibit Featuring Military-Civilian Collaborations

The module is tasked to conduct tests for the Chang’e 5 lunar probe, the successor to Chang’e 3 probe (above) that successfully landed on the moon in 2013.
China’s Lunar Orbiter Module Runs Docking Tests for Planned Moon Mission

China's rocket ship Long March 3C, carrying an experimental spacecraft, lifts off from the launch pad at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Sichuan Province.
China’s Most Advanced Satellite Now on Service as Part of HD Observation Project

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