• The GTA V Redux mod will overhaul Grand Theft Auto V's graphics

The GTA V Redux mod will overhaul Grand Theft Auto V's graphics (Photo : YouTube / Josh Romito)

GTA V Redux will give PC players more bragging rights as they play Grand Theft Auto V in a new light with the beautiful graphic mod plus some gameplay changes as well.

Rockstar Games' GTA V is one of the most successful titles in gaming history. Today, there are still hundreds and thousands of players still rocking the game on their PCs and consoles.

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The new GTA V Redux mod will make console players jealous of PC gamers as it promises better graphics with more depth-of field, a better weather system, chromatic aberration and more. Essentially, it reworks the game's graphics into something better and hopefully more responsive than the vanilla stock.

By itself, Grand Theft Auto V looks great compared to its predecessors. However, today's PCs are more capable of dishing out better graphics and the upcoming mod aims to do just that.

Mod author Josh Romito demonstrated the GTA V Redux mod in a lengthy YouTube video showing off the graphics overhaul of the game, ExtremeTech has learned. It would also contain volumetric lighting, bokeh effects, better water, rain and more.

The video itself looks gorgeous and a person not familiar with Grand Theft Auto V could possibly mistake it with an all new game altogether. Playing in first-person also looks better as there are more things to see plus the added weapon recoil works well in simulating an FPS.

Romito also adds a new vehicle handling system in GTA V Redux which would make driving smoother and more realistic, TweakTown reported. Even the wanted system, the physics and AI are all tweaked to have a better effect on the overall gameplay.

GTA V Redux makes use of several ENB and ReShade effects that Romito feels will provide the best graphical fidelity and responsiveness. Players will be able to choose among 15 ReShade modes to suit their tastes such as Ultra V1-3 and the Redux Original/Lite.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been a specified release date. Grand Theft Auto V players can wait for the next video from Romito to see the GTA V Redux release date which would make their game more beautiful than ever.