• "Grand Theft Auto" is expected to be unveiled on Sept. 7 at the Sony PlayStation event.

"Grand Theft Auto" is expected to be unveiled on Sept. 7 at the Sony PlayStation event. (Photo : YouTube/GTA Series Videos)

"GTA 6" is one of the most anticipated video game titles of all time and even though we haven't received any kind of official confirmation and/or announcement from Rockstar Games, the game is not far from becoming a reality.

Neurogadget recently pointed out that Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar, released a fiscal report stating that Rockstar had a new project in development.

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Even though the report did not provide additional details about the ongoing project or whether the reference was to a new DLC for "GTA 5," rumors are rife that the project in question could possibly be the upcoming sixth installment of the hugely successful "Grand Theft Auto" series.

There is speculation that "GTA 6" will be unveiled later this week at the Sony PlayStation event. However, the event's main focus is likely to be on Sony's new PlayStation 4 Neo and PlayStation Slim consoles, according to CNETEven though Sony has tried to keep details of both consoles under wraps, information about both consoles leaked online weeks ahead of the official unveiling in New York on Sept. 7.

While gamers are excited about the arrival of the two new consoles, they are also hopeful for some news about the highly anticipated title, which is a possibility considering that "Grand Theft Auto" has been a pinnacle series for the PlayStation consoles.

Other rumors surrounding the open-world action-adventure game suggest that "GTA 6" will be released in 2018, which is in accordance with the 4-5 year gap period the series usually follows.

There has also been a lot of talk about where the sixth installment will be taking place. While some claim that the video game will be based in 1960s London, some believe the game will be set across several American cities or move to Tokyo.

If the rumor mills are anything to go by the game will also come with Virtual Reality (VR) support and could possibly be included in a console bundle bundle for the next generation or for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo.

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