• Atlus and Deep Silver introduces one of "Persona 5's" main characters and official mascot, Morgana.

Atlus and Deep Silver introduces one of "Persona 5's" main characters and official mascot, Morgana. (Photo : YouTube/AtlusUSA)

Deep Silver and Atlus USA released a new trailer introducing one of "Persona 5's" characters, Morgana. The game mascot was revealed to be voiced by veteran voice actor Cassandra Morris.

According to the official website of Deep Silver, the latest trailer, which can be viewed below, introduces the feline mascot of the video game called Morgana. This cat has anthropomorphic abilities, which lets her turn into a bus as the Phantom Thieves' mode of transportation. She also hates being called a cat despite her true nature.

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Morgana is a great member of the Phantom Thieves team and she serves as the mentor figure to the other members. She is a mysterious creature from another world, and she is also a professional thief who knows about the art very well. She is also the irreplaceable heart and souls of the team.

Cassandra Lee Morris will voice the mysterious thief cat Morgana for the English version of "Persona 5." According to the official website of Behind the Voice Actors, she has voiced different characters from different anime TV shows like Atra Mixta from "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans," Leafa and Suguha Kirigaya from "Sword Art Online II," and many more. She also voiced different video game characters like Enna Kros from "World of Final Fantasy," Nana Kazuki from "God Eater 2: Rage Burst," and many more.

Morris revealed to Atlus USA in an exclusive interview that in order to voice a mascot, she must be able to manipulate her voice into a mascot-sounding voice. She revealed that most people like her interpretation of the mascot voice, which was the reason why she was perfect for Morgana.

As the US voice actor of Morgana, Morris confirmed that she felt extra pressure voicing this character. She revealed that this character will be in the player's face every time in the video game. It was one of the reasons why she felt the extra pressure and that the fact that this is a main character.

Morris revealed that she is familiar with the "Persona" franchise since she voices one character from another video game. She said that the game was her first experience with the franchise.

Check out the "Persona 5" Morgana video below: