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Attack on Titan (Photo : Attack on Titan)

We're maybe two or three days away before the English translation of Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 78 gets released, but leaked pages for this said chapter are all over the Internet already.

Thanks to 'God level' browsing ability of one of our friends on Mangahelpers forum, the actual Korean scans for chapter 78 can already be seen and, oh boy, how promising this one will be.

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So basically, this chapter 78 highlights Bertolt Hoover and his struggle to save his pal, Reineir Bertolt (who we know is in gross state) and fix his relationship with his former friends on other side of this war.

As we learn from the previous chapters, there's no clarity who are the angels and devils in this story. We just have two groups fighting for the coordinate - the power that grants its user the ability to control the titans and manipulate everybody's memories (except for Mikasa and Levi who are the last descendants of the Ackermans).

For those non-Japanese and Korean speaking-people wondering how in the world we can understand the dialogues? Fortunately, we've got you covered.

Here's a transcript of the scene involving Armin, Bertolt and a raging Mikasa:

Switches back to Mikasa, still yelling for Armin, when she sees him.

Bert is stepping closer to Armin as he explains something, Armin is in tears and says "I don't know...what to do..."

Mikasa rages and tries to attack Bert but he kicks her instead, Armin says "No, stop!" and leaps over to catch Mikasa before she hits the ground below them and protects her from Bert who attempts to attack again

Armin says "You, you just..." and Bert says "You just don't understand! Nobody understands me! Ever! I thought you would understand since you've been through this, too!"

Mikasa is glaring daggers at Bert and has her arms protectively wrapped around Armin, tells Bert to (more or less) eat shit and die, but Armin says Bert's situation is complex

Mikasa doesn't care and tries to attack him, but Armin gets in front of her, putting his arms out. "No, Mikasa, it's...it's different."

"What are you saying, Armin!?" Mikasa yells, Bert says "Make your choice, now!"

Mikasa looks at Armin with worry and anger "What choice? What are you...talking about?" She grabs him by his shirt, looking betrayed

"He...told me something that, that I..." Armin starts to cry.

Bert can't wait any longer so he kicks Mikasa to the ground, grabs Armin, knocks him out by hitting him on the head, and transforms before Mikasa can react

(Photo : Hajime Isayama)

(Photo : Hajime Isayama)

By dissecting the trades of arguments in this particular scene, it looks like Hajime Isayama is hinting for another big bomb waiting to be released in the succeeding chapters. Heck, it appears it's all about Armin's real identity.

On the other hand, Bertolt might be just showing us the fundamentals of Brainwashing 101. Either way, this chapter is surely a must-read.