• 'The Witcher' is an action video game developed by CD Projekt RED.

'The Witcher' is an action video game developed by CD Projekt RED. (Photo : YouTube/ The Witcher)

"The Witcher 3: Wild hunt" franchise is expected to receive its second expansion "Blood and Wine" on April 26. Developed by CD Projekt RED, the action video game is available on both PC and consoles. 

The release date, which has yet to be confirmed, is according to GRY Online, one of Poland's biggest video game websites. Considering that the game developer had initially communicated that the release would happen in the first half of this year, the April release is likely to ensue.

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If it happens to be true, then it will go perfectly in line with the launch of the "Hearts of Stone" expansion which also happened on a Tuesday. As reports confirm, the developer has as well been known to make its releases around the same time and hence this will go in harmony with its traditions.

Nevertheless, it can be noted that the date is a little bit sooner than the June release date which hearsays had suggested previously. The discrepancy between the two reports has raised doubts considering that the developer has also not made an official confirmation. For that reason, the news should, in the meantime, be taken with a grain of salt.

Although there is not much that we know about "The Witcher 3: Blood and wine" DLC, it was recently revealed that the expansion will feature a set of entirely new music tracks. This owes to the fact that "Blood and wine" will be set in a whole new region (the Duchy of Toussaint). According to GamePur, the area will feel different since it will not be touched by war compared to the other war-torn areas of Velen and islands of Skillege.

"Blood and Wine" was crafted to feature the final adventure of "The Witcher" universe with Geralt expected to play the main character in the game. Enthusiasts and gaming analysts further say that the story will not have any definite relation to the main story.

More information about "Blood and Wine" is that it will highlight a complicated story with a memorable protagonist whom gamers will undoubtedly enjoy. This is according to leaks from an interview with the story writer Jakub Szamalek in 2015.

In the meantime, "The Witcher 3" is available online for Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One in all regions. Here is a clip on more about "The witcher 3:Blood and Wine" expansion: