• With technology evolving so fast, will human beings survive the ultimate age of advanced technolgy?

With technology evolving so fast, will human beings survive the ultimate age of advanced technolgy? (Photo : Getty/Anadolu Agency)

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and entrepreneurship has further shortened the distance of tech products from scratchboard to the market. So the question is that with the technology is progressing so fast, would we survive? Or the advancement of technology is going to be the end human beings?

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While science never was, technological innovations are now also not limited to the secret labs of iconic multinational companies anymore, it has become an open ground with crowdfunding websites and business hotspots like the Silicon Valley, which have become a safe haven for innovative minds. Go to Indiegogo or KickStarter, you will find that almost every gadget now employs a smartphone app. All splendid, but too much to take.

Remember when iPhone first arrived? That used to be excitement and feeling was yet warmer when android revolution brought smartphones to an affordable range. That was not long ago, but today new smartphones are introduced to the market each month and so many that we have stopped the count. Life is being overwhelmed by technology.

We are losing control of our lives to mobile phones and gadgets that are replacing small things that had to be performed manually. but, these small things are also the ones that decorate your lives. Doing as much as going to the bank for money transactions was something of an achievement, now it's nothing. Just tap dance of the fingers on your smartphone.

Look a few years back and ask yourself did you anticipate that you would ever see the tech inventions that you do today? So when picturing the future of technology, take five years for what you think might happen in ten to twenty years. Someday deep thinking capable machines would probably develop psychological capabilities. Then Google would know you more about you than you would about yourself.

In a recent compilation, The Verge beautifully composed victories of AI over human beings over the timeline. Beginning from 1997 when IBM's Deep Blue defeated chess champion, Garry Kasparov. Then in 2011, AI machine named Watson from the same company defeated Ken Jennings at Jeopardy. The latest, Google AlphaGo beat master Lee Se-dol in a game that people thought computers will never be able to learn. When machines would start thinking, who is to stop them from judging our actions and rebel against our decisions?

As technology unfolding more unknown surprises, our certainty of its faithfulness is giving away.By taking the revolution into account witnessed by the millennials only, we can say that human beings certainly have accelerated the process of progress. since some of their thinking and most of their computation comes from the computers.

Technology is benefiting us in countless ways, but we are losing our importance to the technology. Today, we see young people walking on the footpath, not talking to each other because they are too much occupied by their smartphones. Where on one hand, the world is connecting in the age of globalization, one the other, we are becoming self-contained as well.

This presents a dreadful picture to agedly, but post-millennials or centennials, who first got their faces posted on Facebook and then had their mother's milk, may not feel a thing. Perhaps, minds of passing generations will always taboo the ways of coming generations, because human beings have a limited acceptance to change, but, change cannot be resisted.

Cyanide and Happiness portrays how any given generation is limited by its approach to a change
(Photo : Cyanide and Happiness) Cyanide and Happiness portrays how any given generation is limited by its approach to a change

Is technology going to be the end of human beings? Yes, and no.

Yes, because we are not the Homo sapiens we used to be. We cannot be compared to the cavemen, other than by the biological definition. Likewise, the man on the edge of tomorrow, where the machines would influence our decisions, the definition of human beings would probably be not the same.

No, because hopefully, words like empathy and feelings will last.

This video shows the irony of time to technological advancement.

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