• ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 38-40 synopses and provisional titles revealed: Tokitobashi or Time Skipping technique [SPOILERS]

‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 38-40 synopses and provisional titles revealed: Tokitobashi or Time Skipping technique [SPOILERS] (Photo : YouTube/PIXEL PLANET)

The inter-universe battle tournament is happening on the Nameless Planet and Champa and Beerus' teams are giving their all to win the tournament. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 38-40 descriptions and provisional titles are out, find out what happens next.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" instalments. Read to know more about the future episodes.

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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 38 title and synopsis

The title of the episode is "Here's Universe 6's Final Warrior: Hit, Mightiest of Men!"

"The martial arts tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7 with Earth on the line. Vegeta's last opponent is Hit, the strongest man of Universe 6. Vegeta, watching Hit's eerily calm demeanor, is quite sure he's strong. Hit is an assassin proud to have the greatest skill of Universe 6," reads the synopsis of the upcoming episode, Gojiitaaf shared.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 39 title and synopsis

There are two versions of this episode.

Version 1:

Title: "The counterattack of the developed "Tokitobashi" (Time Skipping?)!?

Will it appear!? Goku's new technique!"


"Vegeta challenges Hit using Super Saiyajin Blue but Hit's technique, "Tokitobashi", deals a barrage of hits in his vital points and makes him faint. Son Goku is able to guess how Hit's "Tokitobashi" works and thus, while in Super Saiyajin Blue state, he also challenges Hit."

Version 2:

Title: "The growing Hit, Goku at his peak" - this is a provisional title for the episode.

Synopsis: "Hit can skip time but only for 0.1 seconds. Estimating past those 0.1 seconds, Goku defeated the "Tokitobashi". But, Hit continues to grow (stronger?) while in battle. So, Goku breaks the seal of the Kaiouken and shoots a Kamehame Ha!"

It will be interesting to see the Tokitobashi technique.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 title and synopsis

Title: "Conclusion" - this is a provisional title and might be changed by the network at the time of airing.

Synopsis: "The martial arts tournament againts [sic] Universe 6 that wages on Earth has finally come to a close. In an outburst of anger, Champa wants to destroy his defeated contestants. Cabba and the others are frozen in fear. At that time, the one who appeared on the ring is..."

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 38 airs April 10, Sunday on Fuji TV. Watch the DBS episode 38 promo below.

Credit: YouTube/Harry Price