• I.O.I Kim Sejong

I.O.I Kim Sejong (Photo : Twitter)

"Produce 101" I.O.I girl group debut is finally happening tomorrow, May 4, with their singles "Crush" and "Dream Girls".

After slightly delaying their debut, the girls are finally back and promoting on stage as a real girl group. After the conclusion of the survival program "Produce 101," the girls are busy preparing for a mini album, while attending to their CF's endorsements.

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I.O.I debut on May 4

(Photo : Twitter) I.O.I debut on May 4

Due to the final ranking of the show, it was decided that JYP trainee Jeon Somi will be the center of the group. However, it seems that the label handling the girls discarded the idea of Somi being at the center all the time.

Based on choreography and performances, the group rotates Jeon Somi, Jung Chaeyeon, Pinky, and Kim Sejong in the center position. Kim Sejong stays in the center most of the time since she has more parts in the song. In their performance at the Sugarman hosted by Yoo Hee Yeol and Yoo Jaesuk, Sejong is the center in the last pose when they performed the "Hip 2016".

Moreover, this is probably due the fact the Sejong is perceived favorably by fans, while Jeon Somi was recently attacked by netizens saying that she is rude to her unnies. Her fans defended her saying that she is just comfortable with most of the members.

Jeon Somi was designated as center because of ranking in Produce 101 final episode.

(Photo : Twitter/SK Telecom) Jeon Somi was designated as center because of ranking in Produce 101 final episode.

The final members of I.O.I. were revealed on the final episode of the show on Apr. 1 via live telecast and those who made the cut are: JYP's Jeon Somi, Jellyfish's Kim Sejong and Kang Mina, Fantagio's Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon, Redline's Kim Sohye, M&H's Kim Chungha, MBK's Jung Chaeyeon, Pledis' Pinky and Im Nayoung, and Starship's Yu Yunjung.

Even before their official debut, the girls are predicted to be a trending girl group likeTwice and G-Friend.

Watch the "Dream Girls" MV teaser below.