• Apple's CarPlay

Apple's CarPlay (Photo : REUTERS/Robert Galbraith)

Apple released the first iOS 8.3 build to developers on Feb. 9, Monday. The new build includes features for wireless support for CarPlay, new emojis and hints that Apple Pay may come to China in the future.

The iOS 8.3 beta version seeded to developers was build number 12F5027d, 9to5Mac reported. The Xcode 6.3 beta with Swift 1.2 was also released on the same day. 

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Developers who had access to the iOS 8.3 beta shared to a couple of tech sites that Apple's CarPlay would support wireless technology. Based on screenshots provided to Tech Crunch from sources familiar with the beta, the CarPlay's wireless function seems to be under the "General" category in the Settings app.

For the app to work, it needs to be paired with a vehicle that supports the feature. To begin the pairing process, users need to "hold down the voice control button in the vehicle," according to the report.

"Once set up, wireless CarPlay could trigger with compatible vehicles whenever a driver enters their car and starts up the engine, which would make it far more convenient than it is even now, since iPhone owners likely won't even have to take their phone out of their pockets to use it once the initial pairing is completely," states the report.

Currently, Apple's CarPlay works when users connect their iPhones to the car via a Lightning cable. Once connected, Apple's custom dash will be displayed and can be controlled by the touch panel or via Siri, Apple's voice-controlled assistant.

The upcoming iOS 8.3 will also reportedly feature new emojis. According to reports, the new update will bring a new emoji picker as well as new icons on both the iPhone and iPad.

The emoji keyword will also have a new design featuring a continuous scrolling scheme to help users browse through the entire catalog, reports TechCrunch. There will also be category icons that will help users choose between different collections.

The new update is said to be in line with OS X 10.10.3. Another feature that is in line with this Mac update is the Google two-factor login.

The tech giant is also set to bring Apple Pay to China as deciphered from the codes. The expansion of the service outside of the United States will reportedly be facilitated through Union Pay.