• "The Witcher 3's" main protagonist Geralt arrives in Toussaint with other knights to guide him.

"The Witcher 3's" main protagonist Geralt arrives in Toussaint with other knights to guide him. (Photo : YouTube/The Witcher)

"The Witcher 3" will be getting a new patch to fix the many major reported issues. Also, the new expansion "Blood and Wine" has gotten a lot of praise after its release.

The multi-awarded video game and also the game of the year for 2015 will be getting a new patch, to address the different issues that players have been experiencing recently. CD Projekt Red's community manager Marcin Momot tweeted recently that the next patch will fix the problems that appeared after the recent one.

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The latest and final expansion of the game was released on May 31, according to IGN. It has garnered praise from many fans, due to the many similarities it had to the main game. Other publications have given it high scores for the reviews.

The new expansion will depict how the main protagonist, Geralt, will say farewell to the game franchise. It offers over 90 new quests for players to find and solve, and the gameplay will be around 30 hours. He will be visiting the small duchy of Toussaint within the Nilfgaardian Empire, and also famous for its wines.

The game developer is aware that even after they have launched the recent patch, it still made bugs that players found out right away. Some reported that they encountered game freezes on random occasions, and some even said that the camera fails to lock onto enemies, according to Gamespot. Momot did not give a list of the different issues that the patch will fix.

The latest patch was large in size, and it arrived just before the expansion was released. It fixed different issues that players were experiencing like the protagonist would fail to put his clothes back after having sex. It also fixed other issues that bothered players when they were playing the video game.

The game developers are firm that this will be the final journey of the hero, but they will still release patches to fix different problems that might arise in the near future. However, they have teased that they will be showing a new game at E3 2016.

Check out the new expansions launch trailer video below: