• (L) Wang Kai appears to be reading a book in an undated photo. (R) Kris Wu performs during the annual meeting of L’Oreal on Feb. 2, 2016, in Shanghai.

(L) Wang Kai appears to be reading a book in an undated photo. (R) Kris Wu performs during the annual meeting of L’Oreal on Feb. 2, 2016, in Shanghai. (Photo : www.wangkaiinternational.com/Getty Images)

People have long heard about fans doing things--from the trivial to the extremely outrageous--to profess to the world their love for their ultra-favorite human being.

Tattoos--names, initials, faces, lyrics of the artist’s songs--remain to be a popular choice by fans to express their adoration.

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Aside from getting tattooed five times and talking to a cardboard cut-out of Canadian singer Justin Bieber, 22-year-old Gabrielle Newton from England, as a gift to herself on her 18th birthday, legally changed her name to Gabrielle Newton-Bieber, according to BBC.

Thousands back in the '90s simply mailed handwritten letters.

Up to this day, fans follow the famous advice, “say it with flowers.”

In one Yibada report, some 400 flower arrangements filled the hallway of a hotel. No, there was no grand wedding going on that time. Singer-actor and former EXO-M member Lu Han just happened to be billeted, and fans wanted to say how much they love him with flowers.

As for some fans, they support their favorite stars by supporting their countrymen.

For the Love of Wang and Wu

For effectively playing an assistant cum undercover agent named Ming Cheng in Li Xue’s spy war TV drama, “The Disguiser” (2015), and with his character portraying himself as a patriot, Chinese actor Wang Kai (“Nirvana in Fire,” “A Murder Beside Yanhe River”) once again captured the admiration of his fans and most likely even gained new followers.

One fan went far beyond from just being a loyal viewer of the show. She funded a road project and indicated the fictional Ming Cheng as the financier.

A Shanghai-based white-collar worker donated money to a charity focused on rural infrastructure projects. This charity now works on the construction of a 1.5-kilometer road--the “Ming Cheng Road” if ever a name would be required--for a poor place located somewhere in Sichuan Province, reported the Global Times.

The generous Wang Kai fan decided to remain anonymous and only goes by the name “Frederica.”

Fans of another celebrity share the same inclination to do acts of kindness on behalf of their beloved idol.

According to the Global Times, some fans collectively donated 17 bags of rice and 90 bottles of purified water to the victims of heavy rains in Myanmar in 2015 made in the name of Wu Yifan, the Chinese name of actor-singer Kris Wu.

Yangon-based Htoo Foundation accepted the donation.

Praise for Both Stars and Fans

Many celebrities use their status to gather support for some social or environmental causes or to raise funds for charities and various kinds of movements. There are even those who put up their own foundations.

Fans could be expected to show support to these noble undertakings initiated or endorsed by their favored personalities.

Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan donated more than 1 million yuan--a birthday gift from fans--to charity, according to Asia One.

Heart Ali, a foundation by actress-producer Fan Bingbing, continues to receive donations from her fans.

No wonder celebrities obtain more endearment from their fans because of their compassion and philanthropy.

As they always say, kindness begets kindness.