• Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale (The Winds of Winter)

Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale (The Winds of Winter) (Photo : Facebook/Game of Thrones)

A few hours before the airing of "Game of Thrones" Season 6 finale on HBO, free download and streaming links found on torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents were exposed as fakes. In contrast, spoilers for "The Winds of Winter" are aplenty and the details revealed so far on the final segment of GoT Season 6 have been checking out. 

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While HBO appeared to have generally succeeded on its ongoing efforts to keep pirate hands off the GoT Season 6 episodes, save for two episodes leaks - "The Door" and "No One" - that were blamed on internal mistakes, the show producer failed to keep a tight lid on spoiler seepages. According to some blog reports, it might be that the season finale of Game of Thrones will not be seen ahead of the official broadcast but many GoT fans are not exactly clueless on the things to happen.

All they need to do is head to Reddit, where generous amount of spoiler updates are provided in nearly regular pace (can be viewed here and here).

As HBO teased that Cersei Lannister will face trial, Reddit discussion thread indicates that the Queen Mother will turn the table on the High Sparrow and set off an inferno that will kill her enemies, including the Lannisters' temporary ally - the Tyrells. It's unclear though if Queen Margaery will be among those that will be burnt alive but Ser Loras is more of a likely victim. Cersei emerging the victor in her clash with the Faith Militant is somehow hinted by the recent news that HBO has signed up Lena Headey to appear in the last two seasons of Game of Thrones. Headey, of course, plays Cersei.

But before moving on to GoT Seasons 7 and 8, Cersei will unleash the zombie-like Ser Robert and per Reddit, The Mountain will kill Septa Unella or better known as Margaery's tormentor.

Reddit threads also claimed that Winds of Winter will see the last of Cersei's children, Tommen, meeting his end. The King will actually leap to his death for unknown reasons.

Up north, the retaking of Winterfell and the death of Ramsay Bolton seemed to have redefined the fate of Jon Snow. Fans are convinced that he will take over from Robb Stark and become King in the North but his reign is not to last long.

Redditors have been expecting that in The Winds of Winter a popular fan theory - R + L = J - will be proven correct. Bran will again have a vision that will show his younger father Ned Stark coming to the rescue of Lyanna stark in the Tower of Joy flashback scene.

The reunion, however, will be mostly heartbreaking. Lyanna will die of childbirth and Ned will make a sacred vow to care for and protect his sister's son by Rhaegar Targaryen. That baby will turn out to be the illegitimate Jon Snow and having a mix of Stark and Targaryen bloods, he will soon expand his lordship of North to down South and rule Westeros but not without struggles, which ought to be the central theme of Game of Thrones Season 7 and 8.