• "Civil War II" is a comic book crossover storyline published by Marvel Comics that debuted in June 2016.

"Civil War II" is a comic book crossover storyline published by Marvel Comics that debuted in June 2016. (Photo : Marvel Comics)

It has only been a few months since Marvel's "Civil War" premiered and became a box office hit, and according to some fans, they're still recovering from the film's ending where it showed Captain America and Ironman in a whole different place, which meant that the Avengers are currently separated.

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According to Movie News Guide, it is going to be a long wait before the sequel of "Civil War" premieres, but recently, Marvel started showing teasers to give an idea on what's instore in the upcoming "Civil War 2." The teasers revealed that a new superhero character may be introduced in "Civil War 2," and it's none other than Riri Williams - a college student who managed to replicate the Iron Man suit and built one for herself.

It can be remembered that in "Captain America: Civil War," Ironman's best friend Rhodes crashed in the ground and was left paralyzed from waist down. Since he could no longer serve as the right hand of Ironman, speculations suggest that Riri Williams would be featured in "Civil War 2" to replace Rhodes and become Iroman's wing lady.

The same publication stated that "Civil war 2" will pick up where it left off. The Avengers would still be divided into groups as seen in the teaser poster made by Mike Deodato Jr., where the word "Divided" was captioned in the print.

Although Marvel has not confirmed if a new character would be introduced in the film's sequel, the story flow of "Civil War 2" is also still unknown.

In other news, writer of Marvel comics' "Civil War 2," Brian Michael Bendis, was recently interviewed and explained why a grave tragedy had to happen in the story flow for the comic version of "Civil War 2."

According to Blastr, the recent "Civil War" film decided to take a bittersweet turn compared to what Bendis wrote in the comic. In the movie, Rhodes took a bad landing and was paralyzed, but in Marvel comic's "Civil War 2," Rhodes died from the crash which caused the major outburst and rift between Captain Marvel and Ironman.

Bendis stated that he thought about it for a while, when he was trying to figure out who's Ironman and Captain Marvel's common denominator. Rhodes name turned up, as he was Ironman's best friend and was romantically involved with Carol as well.

Bendis stated "Rhodey (sadly) proved the perfect fit to give them both something to fight for."

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