• A zombified crew tries to kill the player in the System Shock reboot demo

A zombified crew tries to kill the player in the System Shock reboot demo (Photo : YouTube / Polygon)

Night Dive Studios has already launched the System Shock reboot Kickstarter page for the game, which already has a playable demo on Steam for anyone who wish to try it out.

System Shock 2 has been one of the most iconic first person shooters in the past. Remastering the first game could be the first step to also making a reboot of the sequel.

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Some even say that the franchise is what inspired the famous Bioshock title, which has a similar environment feel. Now, Night Dive Studios wants to give the reboot a shot and is asking backers for $900,000 in order to complete the game.

The developers expect to finish the System Shock remaster by December 2017 if all goes well with the funding and the development, The Verge has learned. Their Kickstarter page contains all of the details regarding their plans for the reboot of the iconic video game title.

Another observation from the video game industry is System Shock's influence on the Dead Space franchise. Both are set in space with monsters crawling around the huge space ships.

Night Dive Studio's System Shock reboot demo runs roughly about 10 minutes which shows the first parts of the game, Kotaku reported. It shows off what the developers can do and justifies the expensive $900,000 development fund they need in order to finish the game itself.

The demo could ensure backers that their money will not be put to waste. Even John Romero's Blackroom project was put on hold because people wanted to see a demo first before they back the game's $700,000 goal on Kickstarter.

Backing the System Shock reboot or remaster with a $5000 pledge will net the backer a custom Razer Blade gaming laptop with the branding from TriOptimum Corporation. The black and green design really blends well with the logo on the back of the laptop and there are also light streams running across the whole laptop keyboard itself for aesthetic purposes.

Night Dive Studios also wants to bring in more puzzles, enemy limb dismemberment, RPG progression, hardware upgrading and more if they reach $1.7 million in development funding. As of this writing, the Kickstarter page already has 4070 backers with more than $266,000 pledged funding and they could really reach the goal considering that they still have 29 days to go.