• Barbie Meat Dress

Barbie Meat Dress (Photo : Weibo)

Food and sex appears to be a trend in Beijing restaurants. Following the opening in May of Ke’er where drinks are served in mugs shaped like breasts and bottle openers are shaped like male genitals, a hot pot restaurant in Beijing is serving mutton on a naked plastic doll.

It is a tamer version of the naked sushi platter popularized in Japan in which Japanese food is served on the body of a nude woman. The unnamed restaurant calls the dish Barbie mutton dress, although the doll they use is not really a doll manufactured by Mattel.

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Raw mutton is wrapped around the naked body of the doll, making it look like she was wearing a red gown, from where diners get slices of the meat that they dip into a pot until the doll is nude. A diner uploaded a photo of the doll on Weibo, which has been compared to Lady Gaga who wore a meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010, where it became viral on the microblogging site, reported Shanghaiist.

Some netizens, upon seeing the photo, shared the comments on the Barbie mutton doll. One said the pieces of mutton would be removed from the top, another specifically said from the chest, like the doll was performing a striptease.

But another user wrote that removing the raw meat would begin from the doll’s skirt so as not to cause the top to collapse. However, some netizens expressed disgust at eating meat wrapped over a plastic doll due to hygiene issues.

Incidentally, there is a campaign, led by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for Chinese to cut their meat consumption to avoid chronic ailments, while Lady Gaga’s song just got banned in China because she had a meeting with the Dalai Lama.