• Pokemon Go cheats, hacks, tips and tricks: How to hatch eggs faster and without walking

Pokemon Go cheats, hacks, tips and tricks: How to hatch eggs faster and without walking (Photo : Facebook)

Days after the launch of Pokemon Go, players are still looking for ways to ace every aspect of the free-to-play, GPS based augmented reality mobile game for iOS and Android users. Meanwhile, several cheats, tips, tricks, and hacks are flooding the internet claiming to reveal strategies to become the ultimate Pokemon master.

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Pokemon Go allows fans to catch, train and battle their favourite Pokemon hiding in the real world. And the eggs play a significant role in providing the trainer with a chance to acquire rare Pokemon. However, it is important to hatch eggs to get the hard-to-get Pokemon, which requires players to walk at least 2 kilometers. It is definitely a tiresome and time-consuming task. However, there are some tactics to avoid walking and still be able to hatch eggs. Here are some cheats, hacks, tips and tricks to hatch eggs faster and without walking.

According to Twinfinite, it is better to hatch multiple eggs at the same time. With the help of Pokecoins, one can buy more incubators that will allow hatching eggs faster. In addition, the website suggests walking faster, running and roller skating may help in reducing the time consumed for hatching Pokemon Go eggs. One must be cautious at all times to avoid accidents.

Meanwhile, it is suggested that a car will be of great help to avoid walking and hatching eggs faster. It must be noted that it is not safe to drive and play the game. Also, the game does not register the steps while driving. Thus, being in passenger seat may increase the count and help cover the distance needed to hatch Pokemon Go eggs. The trick it to drive slow that may register some steps and distance on the egg. The player must ensure that Pokemon Go keeps running, while the car moves slowly.

Online publication Rocket News 24 is reporting a hack to hatch Pokemon Go eggs without walking by a Japanese Twitter account holder. The account user posted a picture of a model railroad to accomplish the task. The website explains that one needs a "model railroad with looped track layout" and put the smartphone on one of the cars and start moving. Keep in mind, to keep the speed slow.

For more Pokemon Go hacks, cheats, tips, and tricks watch the video below, courtesy of YouTube user Tech Freak.