• The PlayStation 4, not the PlayStation NEO, can be seen in the image

The PlayStation 4, not the PlayStation NEO, can be seen in the image (Photo : YouTube / GamesRadar)

Sony's PlayStation Neo now has a release date thanks to a leaked Amazon product listing that also showed its price before it was taken offline.

The PlayStation Neo is expected to be more powerful than its predecessor the PlayStation 4 as it would be able to play 4K games at smooth framerates. Sony confirmed its existence before their E3 2016 conference but they did not present the upgraded console at the gaming convention.

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Microsoft has also presented a short trailer of their Project Xbox Scorpio that would be basically doing the same thing as the PlayStation Neo but it will be launched later in 2017. The new leak shows the release date of Sony's new console.

Amazon may have posted the PlayStation Neo release date and price by mistake as it showed a product listing for the console for October 13 and €399.99, Tech Times has learned. When converted to US dollars, the price of the console could be expected around $450 before taxes.

It is not the first time that information regarding the PlayStation Neo has been leaked by a reputable company. Several weeks earlier, a video games distributor has slipped and mentioned that the PlayStation Neo will be released sometime between September and October.

The new leaked information from Amazon strengthens the PlayStation Neo rumors and speculations that it will be launched in October. Sony has also been quiet and it has not confirmed nor deny the reports which may mean that they are indeed true.

PlayStation Neo specs have been leaked early on and it is said to feature 2.1GHz compared to the PlayStation 4's 1.6GHz processing power with 8GB DDR5 of memory, ValueWalk reported. There are even reports that it will be using the new Polaris GPUs that AMD has recently revealed against NVIDIA's Pascal GPUs.

Sony will have to confirm whether the PlayStation Neo will indeed be released on October 13 and if it will actually have the improved 2.1GHz processing clock. A PlayStation Neo price of $440 may mean that it will be more expensive than PlayStation 4 when it originally launched several years ago.