• ‘Stitchers’: ABC Family Renewed The Show For Season 2

‘Stitchers’: ABC Family Renewed The Show For Season 2 (Photo : Facebook/Stitchers)

"Stitchers" star Allison Scagliotti may have just confirmed the fate of the Freeform TV show.

On her Twitter account, Scagliotti urged fans to not make any conclusions yet when it comes to the fate of the series.

However, the actress' choice of emojis made some of her fans very confused.

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"Don't wig out about @StitchersTV. At this point you know as much as we know which is..." she tweeted.

Meanwhile, fans started replying to the actress by telling her that they want "Stitchers" to be renewed for another season.

Twitter user @Piper028 wrote, "I want a renewal!"

Another fan @selndtroislaugh wrote, "I really hope they'll renew it. #Stitchers is one of my fave show! #RenewStitchers3."

One fan @mcsexian wrote, "If they cancel it we will never see Camille (bisexual queen) again."

Another fan @willhesrondale wrote, "I don't wanna lose Camille ugh."

In other news, updates from "Stitchers" producers have been very few.

On the show's official Twitter account, only photos and videos of the cast from the previous season have been posted.

Most recently, a gag reel clip from season 2 featuring Scagliotti, Emma Ishta and their other cast members was shared on the show's official Twitter page.

"Laugh along until you're in stitches with this #Stitchers season 2 gag reel," the caption read.

"Stitchers" season 2 aired its final episode on May 24.