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HTC Vive (Photo : Twitter)

Valve Corporation is offering a big sale this weekend that includes 175 virtual reality games with a range of discounts up to 80 percent.  This SteamVR event is the second major sale the PC gaming online store has held during the past few months. Owners of VR headsets including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can find price discounts for VR games of different genres including shooters, role-playing games (RPG), and sports.

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New owners of VR headsets have to deal with many issues including setting up the device with a VR-friendly PC, and getting the hardware to function. However, another common problem is the lack of content. The Steam VR sale hopes to assuage the problem.   

One problem is the small number of VR games and applications that are available. However, another issue is that many of the games have price tags from $20 to $40 but are more like beta versions with software bugs.

Valve hopes its summer sale will increase demand for VR games among VR headset owners.

The sale includes many titles. For example, there is "Holoball" that is like a modern version of the Atari classic game "Pong", according to CNET. Other discounted titles include adventure game "The Gallery: Episode 1" and horoscope experience "Kismet".

The best deal in the sale is a 20-VR game bundle. It has been discounted almost one-third to about $251. That includes HTC Vive titles such as arcade shooter "Space Pirate Trainer" and airport management simulator "Final Approach".

The sale also includes some Oculus Rift titles that got discounts including "House of the Dying Sun".    

Steam VR is offering a wide range of discounts. Some VR titles only have a price cut of 10 percent, while others have been slashed by 80 percent.  

Valve's VR Weekend Sale is not the first time the Washington-based company has discounted VR games. However, this the first time it has only put VR games on sale for a whole weekend.      

The VR sale will run until August 1, Monday at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.

In related news, Sony has confirmed its PlayStation VR headset will require 60.8 square feet (5.6 square meters) of space to play, according to IGN. The company recommends that PSVR gamers sit while using the VR gadget. 

Here's a PSVR update: