• Park Soyeon of LOEN Entertainment will not join I.B.I girl group?

Park Soyeon of LOEN Entertainment will not join I.B.I girl group? (Photo : Twitter/@pd101withhearts)

After I.O.I, here comes I.B.I - a project girl group that will release an album in mid-August under LOEN Entertainment.

Five "Produce 101" trainees who did not make it to the final cut formed a girl group. The group was made by the fans and LOEN picked up the idea and tried the formula similar to I.O.I, which debuted under YMC Entertainment.

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Since LOEN will be in charge of the group, many wondered whether Park Soyeon will be part of the group. Soyeon also participated in "Produce 101" and made it to the finals before being eliminated.

Rumors sparked that Soyeon will join the group when she appeared in an episode of I.O.I's reality show with the rest of the members of the I.B.I girl group.

Park Soyeon is dubbed as the next IU after she starred in one of IU's music videos. She has showed her talent in dancing and rapping during the show as well as her leadership skills.

I.B.I girl group record album
(Photo : Twitter) I.B.I girl group record album

I.B.I are the initials of the Korean word that means "ordinary person". The group will be consisted of Han Hyeri (12th place; Star Empire), Lee Soohyun (13th place), Kim Sohee (15th place; Music Works), Yoon Chaekyung (16th place; DSP), and Lee Haein (17th place). Lee Soohyun and Lee Haein were former trainees of SS Entertainment, but got into a legal battle with the label because of unfair contract terms.

The girls were spotted recording the album and shooting their profile photos for their debut. The photos were shot by Rainbow member Jisook.

Meanwhile, LOEN Entertainment has not released an official statement yet whether Park Soyeon will not be a part of the new girl group. There is also no word whether Soyeon will have a solo debut or in a group under LOEN.

Watch Park Soyeon's performance below.