• The console version of "Tekken 7" will be out in 2017.

The console version of "Tekken 7" will be out in 2017. (Photo : YouTube/Bandai Namco Entertainment)

"Tekken 7" is learning from the mistakes of its fellow fighting games. That is, a fighting game is not that good if developers don't back it up with solid story modes that players can enjoy. After all, it's who the characters are and what their stories are that make up the bulk of what makes the "Tekken" franchise one of the most well-loved games in history.

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Speaking to DualShockers in New York, Bandai Namco Games America Brand Manager Mark Religioso revealed that the single player story is one of the prominent features of the console version of "Tekken 7."

"What we're kinda seeing now with the trends in fighting games, is that fans want more than the core fighting experience, they also want a full fleshed-out single player experience, which is why we're pursuing story mode so hard in this game," Religioso said.

"We're really integrating it in a special way where it goes from in-game cinematics to actual gameplay with a lot of dialogue between characters, so you can really experience and feel that story."

An improved single player story mode will definitely come as a treat to fans that are waiting for the 2017 release of "Tekken 7" on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. For now, the creators of "Tekken 7" teased a few bits of the game, especially the new characters that are joining the roster.

Although not technically a new character, Bob will be returning to "Tekken 7." A new female warrior was also introduced, named Master Raven. Her introduction caused quite a stir among the fan community since she has striking similarities with Raven from "Tekken 5." According to Polygon, "Tekken" producer Katsuhiro Harada cleared out that Master Raven is in fact Raven's superior.

Master Raven will have the same Ninjutsu fighting style as Raven, and will also have additional skills such as expertise in one-sword combat. Her personality, role and outfit have been noted to be similar to "Soul Caliber" character Taki.

Religioso, however, teased that the current character roster is not yet final and that "more competitors" will enter the ring soon.

The console version of "Tekken 7" will be out in 2017.

Watch "Tekken 7" Master Raven reveal trailer below: