• Ubisoft enters Virtual Reality phase; VR titles will rollout on holiday season

Ubisoft enters Virtual Reality phase; VR titles will rollout on holiday season (Photo : Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A few months before the anticipated release of the PlayStation VR, Sony released some guidelines for using its virtual reality (VR) headsets. It seems that those who have small gaming rooms should clear some space.

To enjoy the PlayStation VR's full experience, the user needs a PlayStation Camera, as well as a PlayStation 4. The headset is not also for kids under 12 years old. Some games require PlayStation Move motion controllers and a connection to PlayStation Network is needed to be able to download games from PlayStation Store, according to PlayStation's official blog.

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The play area requires 1.9 meters by three meters or around 5.7 square meters of space. It also suggests that users should sit while using the virtual reality headset. The blog also stated that the height of the play area is equal to the height of area captured by the PlayStation Camera.

Sony advised that the PlayStation VR uses 3D vision technology and the experience varies depending on its user. Those who want to purchase the device should try it first in the stores or trial events before purchasing.

Users may play with another player using the Social Screen that features Mirroring mode and Separate mode. The Mirroring mode will show on TV what is being displayed on the VR headset while the Separate mode allows the player using the headset to play co-op/versus games with players watching on TV.

Users can also enjoy different PlayStation 4 contents and features on a big screen in virtual spaces like PS4 games and videos. The device is also compatible in viewing 360-degree videos and photos.

The PlayStation VR is set to release on Oct. 13 along with games like "PlayStation VR Worlds," "Rez Infinite," "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood," and more. Another game titled "DriveClub" is said to be getting PlayStation VR support, PlayStation Lifestyle reported.

On the other hand, "Here They Lie," a surreal virtual reality horror game which is going to be released the same day as the PlayStation VR just perfect for the Halloween. It is developed by Tangentlemen and SIE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.