• PSY performs his new song 'Daddy' during the 'All Night Stand 2015' on December 24, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

PSY performs his new song 'Daddy' during the 'All Night Stand 2015' on December 24, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung-Jun)

The last episode of the "The Remix," a television program on China's Jiangsu TV aired on Aug. 21, Sunday, did not show contestants IKON and MONSTA X as well as one of the judges, Psy. The Chinese TV program entirely edited out K-Pop artists from its show in the wake of China's plan not to approve upcoming TV shows and films with South Korean stars.

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Since the start of the dance survival program in June, IKON and MONSTA X have been among its competitors, with Psy sitting in one of the judges' or mentors' seats. The South Korean stars who are  contestants in the show were edited out while Psy's face was blurred, AllKPop reported. The Korean judge was also removed from the main web page of "The Remix."

The Chinese TV program "Heroes of Remix," or simply "The Remix" which premiered on June 19 has become the country's hot topic with its Chinese flavor of electronic dance music that soared China's music genre, Whats On Weibo reported. It is the dance version of South Korean TV program, "I am a Singer" on MBC.

The Chinese TV program is the first-ever variety show in China that features electronic dance music, bringing an entertaining arrangement of dance and remix sounds. Aside from "Gangnam Style" South Korean singer Psy, its other diverse mentors are Chinese American singer Wang Leehom, Harlem Yu of Taiwan and Chinese music duo Phoenix Legend.

In the TV show, group contestants have mentors who individually guide them through the live vocal and dance performances. The groups with the lowest votes will be eliminated while those with the most votes move on to the next episode. PSY is IKON's mentor.

Many believe the cause of China's ban of Korean artists is the South Korean government giving its consent to the installation of the United States Terminal High Altitude Area Defense on its grounds. There have been tension in the Korean Peninsula this year with North Korea's nuclear test and rocket launch in January and February.

The deployment of THAAD in South Korea, an ally of the U.S. government, could deter peace threats from North Korea. However, THAAD frowns South Korea's economic partner, China who believes it can intercept its military activities.

Here is a glimpse of the Chinese TV show, "The Remix."