• Ukraine's Antonov Company built the world biggest cargo airplane.

Ukraine's Antonov Company built the world biggest cargo airplane. (Photo : Getty Images)

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China and the Antonov Corporation signed a deal on Aug. 30 to build the world's biggest cargo aircraft called the An-225 Myria.

The plane is reported to weigh 640 tons, and carry six engines. It is 84 meters in length and a wingspan of over 88 meters. It can carry a payload of 250 tons which is around 300,000 pounds more than the U.S. military's Boeing-made C-17.

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The first Myria was built during the cold war and was put into storage after its collapse. In 2002, it was revitalized and has been rented out to NATO for transfer of turbines and gasoline used in the middle east conflict.

The second Myria was undergoing production and stopped in 2001. Now, China has agreed to finance the completion.

Target release is in 2019. Almost 70 percent of the plane is already finished.

Both companies agreed to produce the planes in Sichuan in volume by 2020. They agreed that there will be a technology transfer of the 23 ton thrust Progress D-18T turbofan engines.

China is a close ally of Russia but in spite of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, China has pursued a successful partnership with Antonov.

Boeing falls second to Antonov's production of the An-225. The 747-8F transport is the second biggest transport aircraft in the world with 138-ton payload capacity.

The Airbus A380 freighter outperforms the Boeing 747-8F in payload capacity and cargo volume. However, Airbus has not produced any units for cargo.

What comes closest Being's capacity is Lockheed's C-5M but this is only for military use and not for commercial cargo.

The release of the An-225 for commercial purposes will enable shipment of heavy and bulky cargo, ranging from construction equipment to consumer goods.