• Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus (Photo : Twitter)

Niantic's smash hit game "Pokémon Go" has already been downloaded over half a billion times and beat "Candy Crush" as the biggest mobile game in United States history. Nintendo's new accessory Pokémon Go Plus was released in North America on August 16, Friday, but many fans of the global positioning system (GPS)/augmented reality (AR) game are still searching for the wrist wearable like a rare pocket monster. The official site for the gadget shares some of the features of the Plus but does not list which retail chains are selling the new device that allows players to use some of the game's features without looking at their smartphone.    

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Nintendo's Twitter account reported the wrist wearable's release date. However, it has not explained exactly where players of the mobile game can purchase the Nintendo accessory.

In fact, the console giant has not provided details about where to buy the device. The game's developer Niantic and The Pokemon Company have also not released information about where to purchase the $35 gaming gambit to help players "catch them all."

Some GameStop stores seem to have the device in stock. Fans can visit GameStop's website to reserve a Pokémon Go Plus then pick it up.  

The official Nintendo store has set a limit of one unit per customer but has not reported how many of the plastic bracelets are in stock, according to Polygon. For an unknown reason it is available at United Kingdom stores but not US stores.  

Pre-orders for Pokémon Go Plus have already sold out at Amazon and GameStop. It can still be purchased for over $100 at Amazon third-party sellers and eBay.

Apple will also launch a watchOS update for Apple Watch that gives some of the Plus' features to the smartwatch. The release date has not been announced though.  

Creators of the popular mobile game have explained that Pokémon GO Plus is a small device that allows people to play the game without looking at their smartphones. It uses Bluetooth low energy (LE) to connect to handsets while gamers do day-to-day activities such as walking, hiking, and running, according to BGR.

The wrist wearable also vibrates when a wild Pokémon is nearby. After tapping the button to catch the little creature the app informs gamers if the attempt was successful.

Nintendo's accessory also lights up and buzzes when gamers walk past a PokeStop. They just have to push the button in the center of the gadget to collect items.

Here's how to use Pokemon Go Plus: